It’s a sound salvation.
For more than two decades, Spencer has been an integral part of the public radio world.

For more than two decades, Spencer has been an integral part of the radio world.  He started as a DJ on WPLT, his college radio station, and interned with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting while in law school. His first legal job involved representing numerous broadcasters and stations, including the legendary blues radio station KFFA in Helena, Arkansas, home of King Biscuit Time, the longest-running daily American radio broadcasts in history.

As an attorney and as a producer, Spencer has worked with some of the best radio producers in the last twenty years, with programs that have been heard on hundreds of stations in the United States on NPR and PRI, as well as internationally.

His on-air radio credits include:

Blacklisted:  Associate Producer.  Produced by Tony Kahn.  Blacklisted is six half-hour audio dramas about one of the darkest periods for the First Amendment in American history: the Hollywood blacklist.  The series featured the voices of Stockard Channing, Ron Liebman, Carroll O’Connor, and many others.  Blacklisted was distributed by NPR, PRI and internationally.

Beyond Affliction: Associate Producer.  Produced by Straight Ahead Pictures and Jay Allison.  Beyond Affliction is a multi hour documentary of the history or people with disabilities in the United States.  Beyond Affliction was distributed by NPR.

Lost & Found Sound: Legal Affairs.  Produced by The Kitchen Sisters with Jay Allison.  Lost & Found Sound was heard on NPR’s All Things Considered, and explores American life through recorded sound, and richly layered tales. Created in 1999 this series won a Peabody, Clarion & Webby award.

The DNA Files: Legal Services.  Produced by SoundVision Productions.  The DNA Files is an award-winning series of radio programs hosted by John Hockenberry that explores not only the science of genetics, but its ethical, social and legal implications. Spencer was awarded a Peabody award for his legal services.

Spencer continues to represent numerous journalists, audio producers, documentarians, and others working with sound.